After successfully completing last year’s study the North Sea Opportunity, the World Energy Council is pleased to announce its new project for 2017: Bringing North Sea Energy Ashore Efficiently.

Last year’s report was received positively by the European Commission’s Deputy Director General Christopher Jones at the Directorate General for Energy. The Commission further welcomed continued studies looking at collaboration in the North Sea. WEC Netherlands would like to use this leverage and deliver another comprehensive study, further exploring the benefits of offshore energy on the North Sea.

Research focus

As WEC partner, we invite you to contribute to this project which will focus on analysing effective routes to distribute the energy generated on the North Sea to the end-users on shore, with a particular focus on H2 generation and power. For each of these main topics we would like to analyse pathways from production to end consumers, complemented with case studies.


The study will be conducted by the PwC research and writing team. We would like to ask interested parties to consider contributing to the project by becoming part of our review team.


Please indicate your interest by contacting Aad Groenenboom, secretary via +31 (0)6 53 10 63 48.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.